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Monday Motivation

Happy Monday!

How was your morning today? Did you belt out a 90's hit in the shower? Did you wake up ready to crush your Monday goals? Or maybe you didn't. Maybe you hit snooze a couple too many times? Ran out of time to fix your hair or choose the right outfit? Monday's can be tricky...

They can give you the blues after a great weekend, coming to a hard hault.

I don't think it's always easy to stay positive, but I do think it's up to us to make the right choice on how we want to show up to our day.

Take 5 minutes. What are you grateful for? We all have so many things to be grateful for. Appreciate everything you have worked so hard to earn! It's too easy to get caught up in life's fast paced uproar. We tend to underestimate our own power. Make a choice to surround yourself in a motivating, environment, with positive energy. ]

Start planning.

Pen to pad, fingertips to phone. Make a list of tasks you know will make your day successful. Make another list outlining how and when you will complete your tasks. Lastly, do not be shy to ask for help or advice. It takes a team to create something great! The more minds, the better!

We have worked hard at Head Office Ottawa to create a bright energetic safe space to collaborate, network and make magic happen! Unleash your creativity with us!

Now GO!

Go make Monday your B!$&h.

Either you run the day, or the day runs you.

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