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Organize Your Phone & In Turn Your Mind

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

1. Move all of your apps off of the first page onto the second.

This might take 10 minutes but we think it’s worth the clarity it provides. It leaves your phone perfectly clear when you open it minus your key apps along the bottom. This way you can actually see your home screen instead of a bunch of notifications! Clear & organized.

2. Download the app Unroll me.

Trust us. It’s a game changer ! It allows you to sort all of the unnecessary emails that you receive throughout the day into one group email you get daily! It also lets you unsubscribe from as many emails as you want to with one swipe- think tinder for your emails. This app lets you get away from constantly checking your inbox only to be frustrated when it’s not an actual important email but simply a promotion from a company you need nothing from.

3. Use the search feature!

Instead of looking through all of your apps to find the one you need, pull down to your search bar and type in what you are looking for. Saves time and it customizes your recent searches with the apps you use most! 

4. Turn unnecessary notifications off!

Every time you get a social media or app notification that isn't worthy of your immediate attention you are distracting yourself from being produtive and/or being present with the people you are with! By turning these notifications off you are taking control of your phone as opposed to the other way around.

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