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How To Create An Environment Your Employees Actually Enjoy Working In.

If you're like most, you might find yourself dragging your ass to work every morning. Procrastinating by stopping for a coffee, taking a few extra minutes dropping the kids off etc.. So the question begs, how can we create an environment our employees (and ourselves!) actually enjoy going to every morning? Tips below brought to you by the creators and builders of Head Office.

Model the performance you seek, inspiration starts with you!

What gives you that extra energy boost you need to be upbeat and productive? Is it happy inspirational tunes? Crank up the music in the office! Is it having a candy bar in the office kitchen? Set one up! Fun team building activities? Go for it! Sending out a daily email joke? Whatever it is, it starts with you. The rest will follow suit!

Share your goals and expectations

If your team doesn't have clear expectations, how are they suppose to know what they are working towards? Not knowing your goals and expectations can leave employees feeling uneasy and lost, which in the end leads to failure. This is most likely the opposite of how your team wants to be feeling. Set weekly meetings to discuss these goals and expectations. Set time frames and ask if people need any guidance. A little effort in this area goes a long way.

Offer feedback that emphasizes the positive.

Sometimes giving feedback can be tricky. You want your employees to know what they can improve on without letting them down. Always emphasize the positive aspect of their work first then ask if they think there is anything they can do better, before giving your two cents- majority of the time people know and notice their own shortcomings.

Make the physical work environment fun to be in!

Our surroundings highly impact our mood. This is an easy, yet big aspect to creating a motivating atmosphere at work! Add plants, lots of natural light, a cozy break room, free coffee, snacks, drinks if possible, music etc. There is so much you can do. Decorate the office as if it were your own home. We want our workspace to be a place we are proud of... after all, most of us spend almost more time at work than at home!

We could go on forever with more fun, inspiring and motivational things you can do in your office, but I'll leave the creativity to you for now ;) All in all, take a good look at your space and business dynamics to make sure you are nourishing a culture of innovation. Your team will grow as individuals and comrades, undoubtedly leading to success for themselves and in turn, your business!

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