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Head Office Ottawa

The Head Office Workspace Vision


We designed our space with the goal to meet the priorities of today’s entrepreneurs & start-ups.


With real sunlight shining overhead and natural plant features throughout the space, the energy of the space is contagious.


Surprise your clients with a high-quality space that inspires and motivates collaborative success.

How ottawa’s Newest
Co-Working Space

Was Realized

Trevor Clark and Peter Bastedo are action takers. This real estate duo always show up to work energized with big smiles. They dreamed of sharing the amazing culture they had created in their successful real estate business into a larger community of entrepreneurs. We know firsthand that a work environment can be the difference between a businesses’ success and burnout.

Entrepreneurship definitely does not look the same for everyone, so we created a space that can accommodate various needs. Head Office is a space and environment where people feel welcome, are productive, network with like-minded people, learn and grow, come to work happy, and above all else, drive success.

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Our Philosophy

The Founders

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Trevor Clark has the gift of being able to talk with anyone in a room. Exuding a zest and energy for life and business success, he is someone many entrepreneurs strive to be. With a passion for helping people find their perfect family home in his real estate practice, he has expanded that scope to help business owners find their business’s new home.

Peter Bastedo can be characterized as the man who does it all. He is a family man, musician, athlete, amazing business person & a calculated risk taker. The perseverance and dedication he brings to the work environment is contagious & a perfect match for Head Office Ottawa.

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Why pick Head Office?

Meet like-minded business owners!

Networking and collaboration are one of our main objectives here at Head Office. If you aren’t networking as an entrepreneur you are falling behind. We know you have something amazing to offer the world and we want to provide a space that helps you build towards that dream. With endless amenities and the ability to work side-by-side with like-minded individuals, we create a space that is tailored for your success.

Executive Director

Rebecca Trafford


Rebecca Trafford is the newest edition to our Head Office Family. She has years of experience in hospitality, event planning, and business development. We call her the logistics queen and events guru on-site as she handles our amazing array of events with ease and creativity. Rebecca brings 10 years of corporate and special events experience to the table and we couldn't be happier to have her on board. Some of her hobbies include board games, wine & cooking, travel, reading & of course- dogs (which bodes well for our dog-friendly office as she gets to bring in her cute pup Tucker). The friendlies of the faces around here- don't hesitate to stop in and say hi. 


Sarah Kelly

Sarah is our on-site head office events liaison working closely with our caters My Catering Group to ensure a flawless event service. She is passionate about helping people find their balance through a healthy work/life relationship and has studied corporate health and wellness. Challenging the concept of a monotonous 9-5 workday, she strives to create and implement an energetic, healthy and high vibing “office”. Sarah can be found handling event coordination, networking, and bouncing around the space with her dog Stella. 

Head Office liaison


Ready to crush your goals?

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